Roofotp Village and Food Forest

Small-scale living in the city centre and growing your own food is a dream for many – including for Stichting Dakdorpen. They are currently working on the implementation of a real rooftop village on top of the De Kroon building in Rotterdam West. Here, right on top of the car park, they have visualised what a rooftop village could look like. Van der Tol BV has added an actual food forest.

Moestuinbakken en fruitpalen | Van Der Tol


Watch the Rooftopics video, Rotterdamse Dakendagen recorded earlier in which Léon van Geest talks to Laurens van der Wal (architect) and Renée Rooijmans (cultural antropologist) about exploring living on rooftops below. They are the initiators of what will be the first rooftop village, on top of De Kroon, a former industrial building in Rotterdam-West. How do they see the future of city living? And what challenges did Renée face when she got the chance to live on the Hofbogen rooftop for a year? Discover this, and much more, in this interview.