Biodiversity patio

At the Rooftop Walk you can descend into our Biodiversity Courtyard, where you can learn all about the Municipality of Rotterdam’s biodiversity programme (read the biodiversity agenda here) and The Pollinators, and read Lola Landscape Architects and AM’s biodiversity manifesto.

De 10 van 010

In 2021, the municipality of Rotterdam started the campaign ‘De 10 van 010‘. A programme that brings biodiversity in the city under the attention. This 10 of 010 consists of mammals such as the hedgehog, the fox and the latefly (bat) and insects such as the red mason bee and the lesser fire butterfly. The flowers and plants on the list are the saxifrage fern, the swan flower and the sweet cherry. The song thrush represents the birds, and the pike completes the list. These species symbolize biodiversity throughout the city, from residential areas to harbour areas, and from riverbanks to (green) roofs. Together they tell the story of the balance and cohesion between people and nature, and the importance of a (bio)diverse environment.